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I Don’t Have to Choose

It used to be simple to say who was a boy or who was a girl. But the social climate has changed. Does what you like to do determine your gender? Engaging illustrations help children understand their identity. Kids can relax—this is one choice they don’t have to make!

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“This is a delightful medically accurate book that affirms boys and girls as God made them. It is an excellent tool for parents who want to protect their young children from transgender activism.”
– Michelle Cretella, M.D., Executive Director, American College of Pediatrics

Also available with parallel translation in:

Kindle, Paperback, Hardback

The Rainbow’s Not Flat

After the Great Flood, all the animals got off Noah’s Ark two by two. But what are those color curves in the sky? Who put them there? Why? And why are the children merry?

Noah’s ark swam the flood. Then it landed in mud.
When his family came out, they all gave a glad shout!
Then they got off the boat
with the gecko and goat…
This book includes parallel translation in Spanish.
Kindle, Paperback

The Animals in Bethlehem’s Stable

It’s Christmas Eve and the animals in Bethlehem’s Stable recall tales of the first Christmas. The gentle lamb, clueless cow, mischievous mouse, and others all try to straighten out the excitable duck with his recount of his gr-gr-gr-great granddaddy in this heartwarming and fun nativity story. This rhyming book is perfect for young readers!

This book is available as a full-color storybook or a black-and-white coloring book.

Kindle, Paperback, Hardback

The Roadrunner and the Rattlesnake

Humorous poems for all ages—kids, teens, and adults. Most are simply silly poems to make you grin. All end with a zinger—a surprise twist. But a few of the poems have a stinger, a twist that may replace that grin on your face with a cocked eyebrow or even a scowl. Why? Because kids today are faced with serious issues.

“Whimsical wisdom in poetry for young kids, youths, and adults in a somewhat Shel Silverstein style.”
-David J. Glass, Ed.D., Educator and Author

Kindle, Paperback, Hardback


High school freshman Tracy McKenzie thinks her biggest dilemma is figuring out if Charlie is still her best friend—until her little brother comes home and says Jason, a boy in his second-grade class, is now Jessica.

Wait—you can choose your gender? What does it mean to transition? Is that even possible? And what’s going on with the M’s? What’s the deal with SOGI anyway, and is it catching?

“Most parents are unaware of what goes on at school. An edge-of-your-seat read.”
– Jorge Tovar, Senior Pastor, Jordan River Church in Laredo, Texas

Kindle, Paperback, Hardback

Tourist or Terrorist
In Israel or Palestine?

What does computer hacking have to do with a mysterious briefcase? And how do the suspicious activities of an American tourist in Israel highlight the question, “Whose land is this?”

“A great read filled with suspense. Rich history permeates the very stones…”
– Dr. Susan M. Michael, USA Director, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

“Integrates Bible data to add to the feel of authenticity. Has the making of a good film.”
– Stephen Broden, Senior Pastor – Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church, Dallas, Texas


Ellie Klipp writes books for all ages that are not only fun to read but also relevant to current issues. She is passionate about speaking to children, teens and adults about God’s truths. When not being entertained by her little grandchildren, she enjoys planting trees and fighting cactus with her husband on their small ranch.

Ellie completed her B.A. at Biola. After graduate studies in Israel and at UCLA, she taught primary and secondary grades at public and private schools in three western states. She also coordinated and taught ESL programs for teens and adults. She earned an M.A. in Judeo-Christian Synergism from MIUD (Masters International University of Divinity) in 2017.


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